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Help for the Victims of Typhoon Sendong

20 Dec

For those who read the about me section of this blog, you may remember that I was born  and spent a good number of years in Cagayan de Oro City. I’ve also mentioned in a previous post that I had a sort of homecoming last November to my hometown (which I have yet to write about, apologies for the delay).

I’m also pretty sure you’ve heard or read about the recent tragedy that struck my beloved hometown, and other neighboring areas in Mindanao. I knew about the heavy rains as early as it was reported, but never in my wildest dreams did I think something that grave would happen to the city. Typhoons don’t pass by the city and in Mindanao in general, so this really came as a surprise to those living there (or who have lived there).

The gravity of the situation didn’t sink in right away for me. Last Monday though, my parents and sister told me that I was lucky as I had scheduled my trip in November. I had originally planned to travel to CDO in December, but there weren’t seat sale flights available when I booked in February. A blessing in disguise, probably?

Then I saw the photos, photos of familiar places, places that I was at or passed by just a month ago. Where there used to be a thriving community, the area is now covered by mud, puddles of water and pieces of debris. Then I read stories of children drowning, parents and family members missing, friends dying. That death came like a thief in the night and everyone was caught off-guard.

I immediately contacted my friends who live in the area. Thankfully they are all alive and safe, although the same can’t be said for their homes and belongings. A family friend had lost everything they had, but they were all thankfully alive and still complete.

So here I am, trying in the best way I could to help the devastated areas in Mindanao. I may not be there physically, and how I wish I could be there to volunteer and help. But we can all do something to help, wherever we may be.You don’t need to be incredibly rich to extend a helping hand to our friends in Mindanao.

There are a number of posts on the internet, and I found this to have the most comprehensive list. Please click on THIS.

Basically the survivors need Blankets, mattress/banig/cardboard boxes, clothes, underwear, soap, tissue paper, rubbing alcohol/hand sanitizer, toothpaste, timba/tabo, bread/biscuits, first aid medication, slippers, milk in tetra packs for kids, ready to eat food (as there is no electricity/fuel to cook raw food).

You can donate in cash or in kind, whichever is your preferred method. The easiest way is through SMS donations, which are sent directly to Red Cross.

Let’s all extend a helping hand. A little help can go a long way to make their situation better, especially since it’s almost Christmas.

Daghang salamat (Many thanks)!