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Something Exciting

18 Nov

Hello again! I received awesome, awesome news and I’m just giddy with excitement that I have to share! 🙂

One of my best friends, ex-officemate/big sister, is giving me one item on my Christmas wish list, this early! And it has everything to do with this travel blog.

Littlegirlgoesplaces will have a new home soon! 😀

I’m just really, really thankful for the opportunity to let this little blog grow. And to the awesome people surrounding me, who believe in me and help me make my goals and dreams come true. I love you guys. *cheesy moment*

Dear self, let’s make this happen! 🙂


A Little Note-to-Self

16 Nov

Hello there! I apologize for the lack of blog entries. I got back from my trip to Cagayan de Oro City last weekend and have been swamped with work from the day job and freelance gigs. While this will be good for my pocket and savings account (more travel money, yay!), I am a wee bit worried that my being busy will limit the time that I will spend writing about my travel adventures.

So here I am, making this little note-to-self. When I’m determined to do/continue doing/finish something, I usually put that into writing and make it visible for everyone to see. I am more of a visual person, so seeing these with my own eyes help in making me more motivated.

So to the few readers of my little travel blog, watch out for my write-ups on a few Batangas beaches, my CDO weekend and many more! 🙂