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City Travels: Feeling Festive at the Ayala Triangle Park

5 Jan

It was literally a few days before Christmas, and just like a number of young, working adults, I was not feeling its spirit. It wasn’t that I wanted to become a female Grinch or anything. Because of the stress at work (both at the day job and freelance), figuring out what gifts to give to my loved ones and the financial chaos that goes with it, I have yet to be as giddy and excited for Christmas as I was when I was 10. Signs of aging, I suppose?

Add the fact that I was working in the busy streets of the Makati Central Business District. Sure the streets are filled with lights and decor, but the people remained the same: all rushing about, probably trying to get to the office/home the soonest.  It seemed like the days during the Christmas season are no different.

Plus, I’ve been feeling down lately because of the tragedy brought by Typhoon Sendong to my beloved hometown. Though I am here in Manila, I can feel the worries, fears and sadness in Cagayan de Oro.

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