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A New Home

8 Feb

A few months ago, I sort of announced here that my little blog will be moving to its new home soon. And I’m happy to say that…

the time has finally arrived! 

This would not be possible without these people, who have made this transition a relatively easier experience for me.

  • AC, an awesome WordPress developer and website designer, former officemate and good friend helped me with basically EVERYTHING tech-related. I have no experience in building a website from scratch and anything IT-related really, and she was more than willing to help me set up. She even showed me how things are done from her end, and taught me how to do a few steps on my own, so that I’ll learn. Thank you technology for Skype and its screen sharing function. 🙂 I am still not well-versed in the whole process and I might even bug AC from time to time, which is why I’m very thankful for all her help and support. I recommend you contact her (her name is linked to her homepage) for your website needs.
  • Kat is one of my most artistic friends. She knows how to draw, paint, doodle and is now dabbling into photography. I had asked her to create my header (which I’m ecstatic to see) and she said yes, without any hesitation. I am in no way artistic, so have a really good friend do amazing things with paper, colored pens and paint really helps. She’s also a great writer! 😉
  • The many travel blogs that I’ve been stalking and commenting on since my extreme wanderlust started kicking in. Sole Sisters Lois and Chichi, Chyng Reyes, Gay of Pinaytraveljunkie, Edcel of Soloflighted, Journeying James and Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering, are among those who really inspired me to get up on my feet and start traveling more. An extra boost was even given by the Sole Sisters, when they featured my blog on one of their posts. I hope I get to meet all of you, as well as other travel bloggers in the future. 🙂
  • To my friends for the unending love and support, for letting me link-spam their news feed, dashboards and Twitter timelines with blog posts and travel-related announcements, thank you. You are all awesome people.
  • To the random viewers of this blog, thank you as well. I do hope you still do so on my new home. Hihi. 😀

I’m very excited to continue my journey in my new home. I’m banking on this to really push and encourage me more to not only travel, but to write and take great photos of my trips as well.

So friends, please join me at


See you there! 🙂 ❤