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More Information: La Union

27 Jan


As mentioned in my La Union post, my friends and I stayed at San Juan Surf Resort, located in San Fernando City. It’s pretty accessible as it is located along MacArthur Highway, which most buses ply on. For those riding public transportation, you can just ask the bus conductor to drop you off here.

From Google Maps

San Juan Surf Resort

I never learned though. 😀

Here are the published rates, taken from their official website:

    Standard Aircon
Good for 2 people: P1600.00
For 2 w/ hot water: P1760.00
Good for 4 people: P2200.00

Good for 2 people: P1760.00
Good for 4 people: P2360.00
For 4 w/ hot water: P2460.00

Good for 2 people: P1760.00
Good for 4 people: P2360.00

Good for 2 people: P1600.00
Good for 4 people: P2360.00
For 4 w/ hot water: P2740.00
For 4 people w/ 2 rooms: P4240.00
For 6 people w/ hot water: P4240.00

Good for 2 people: P890.00
For 2 people w/ CR: P1240.00

Ground Floor (for Standard Aircon only)
Good for 2 people: P1760.00
Good for 4 people: P2360.00

Family Room
Good for 12 people: P6000.00

To contact them, click on this link.

(072)720-0340 / (072)242-0389


We decided to take a Partas bus bound for La Union. The bus liner has terminals based in Cubao, Pasay and Sampaloc here in Metro Manila.

Buses leave on an hourly basis, so make sure you get to the terminal with enough time to purchase tickets. There are two stop-overs on the way to La Union (and my apologies, I forgot where they are -_-).

More information can be found on their Facebook page (they actually have one!). Click here or you can contact (02) 727-82-78 for more information.

Partas bus (Image credit: http://www.roamingronos.com)


(Not) Surfing in La Union

25 Jan

The title’s a bit surprising, isn’t it? It seems like this combination of words don’t belong in one sentence, no?

When people speak of La Union, the first activity that pops in their mind is surfing. They can’t be blamed though as people from the Philippines and tourists from other parts of the world travel specifically to La Union to catch the waves. And again, because of my inability to stay afloat and swim, I decided not to try this sport. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a blast in this awesome place.

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Washed Up in Mabini, Batangas

3 Jan

My friends went on another Bgy. Malimatoc escapade last December, in time for the barangay fiesta. I wasn’t able to tag along this time because of my work schedule. (First time I didn’t join in. *sad*) This prompted me to try to squeeze in and write another post on Bgy. Malimatoc. 🙂

In my own world, every out of town escapade is not complete without a trip to the beach. I may not know how to swim and the idea of death by drowning terrifies me, but I still love the beach. I feel calm and collected when I laze about in the sand, like all the problems in the world are going away as I hear the waves crash to the shore. Come to think of it, most of my travels have involved a trip down to the beach. And my escapades to Bgy. Malimatoc are no exception.

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