A Refreshing Dip in a Barangay

8 Nov

In my past three visits to this quaint barangay in Mabini, Batangas, the first destination of the group would always be the cumba, as the locals would call it. It’s a small waterfall located below a vast area of trees that I think are only seen in jungles/forests. You would have to go down a dangerous (well, it was and still is very life-threatening to me) 10 to 15-minute trail just to reach this hidden wonder of nature.

And whenever we’d go there, either it finished raining or it’s about to rain. Maybe Mother Nature was playing tricks on us and wanted our trip down her slope extra special (read:difficult).

This is the starting point of the trail. Told you it was a jungle/forest.

2008 photo. I was trying to look relaxed and happy. Also, that was the year of me doing the "peace sign" pose. Refer to other pictures for further proof.

There were relatively easy parts, and there were areas of the trail where I had to pray for my life and safety.  After going down that trail three times, I still cannot perfectly go down without having to trip, slide down or almost fall.

This was one of the hardest parts of the trail. You would either have to jump (and hold on to someone/thing) or slide down. It's really steep, plus it had rained in the morning so it's all muddy and slippery.

This was from this year's escapade. I would always slip and slide down this part of the trail in the first two visits. But lo and behold, I survived this time! 🙂

Hearing the sound of the water coming down the cumba is a sign that our ordeal is nearing its end. After a very tiring and sweat-inducing trek, seeing the cumba is all worth it.

Ze cumba. The photo is deceiving, it's actually pretty high.

The water is very cold and refreshing. And mind you, that middle area is very very deep. My friends who are good swimmers (I don’t know how to swim, boo!) tried to reach the bottom but to no avail. The first few inches from the shore is pretty shallow, with water reaching to the ankles. However, go a few steps forward and you won’t feel the ground anymore! It’s actually pretty scary, especially for a non-swimmer like me.

I had to go around the edges just to reach the waterfall itself, while my other friends swam to it. (Notice I have a special spot in the next photos)

Also, standing behind the end of the waterfall (where the water reaches the lake(?)) is very soothing. It’s like an instant massage, perfect for relaxing your body after that trek. Cold water rushing down your back~ The feeling is awesome.

The water from the waterfall flows here. I have no idea where this leads to though. Will ask. 🙂

Of course, we had to take photos! Luckily, we were always accompanied by Kuya Sande, my friend Jhoann’s cousin. He’s always our tourist guide whenever we visit Bgy. Malimatoc II. 🙂

Our first visit to the cumba in 2007. Yes, the water is that cold.

2008. I think this was supposed to be a candid shot.

2008 🙂

After swimming in 2008. A complete group shot!

2011. Before jumping in! I took the photo 🙂

After swimming, we’d usually hang out near the rocks, eat, drink and take more pictures. We’d end up staying up until late afternoon, and this year, we made a bonfire as it was getting really dark.

DIY bonfire with twigs, alcohol and a lighter!

The trek up is easier and faster, with fewer mishaps and accidents. Another coincidence is that it would always rain (heavy or light) when we would decide to go back to the house. Mother Nature really fancies us tourists.

On the way to the house from the cumba. We had to go up a pretty steep road in the rain.

Any adventurous soul or someone who loves discovering hidden wonders in nature should definitely check out cumba when visiting Bgy. Malimatoc II in Mabini, Batangas. 🙂


Some photos grabbed from Jhoann’s multiply site (taken by her and AJ). Others taken by me, using Lulu. 🙂


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