Escapades to Mabini, Batangas – An Introduction

7 Nov

When people talk of Batangas, the common places you would hear from their mouths would be Laiya, Calatagan, Nasugbu and other well-known beach areas in the province. But Batangas has other undiscovered terrain, which definitely makes you feel that you’re out of the city and taken into provincial life. One of those places is Barangay Malimatoc II, Mabini, Batangas, which I have traveled to three times in the past five years.

I first visited the town in 2007, when one of my good friends asked us to accompany her to her hometown. Luckily, school was out for the rest of the year then and I had earned enough money from my English tutoring gig (I love freelancing jobs. ;)) for me to tag along. Plus, my friend enticed us with free lodging, as we could stay in her old grandmother’s house, and unlimited food because of the town fiesta. Who could say no to that?

Me, Eras, Melchor and Jhoann. Pardon the quality of the photo, we didn't have a digital camera back then. Also, old picture is old.

So along with three of my good friends, we ventured off to Bgy. Malimatoc II in Mabini, Batangas.

Getting there is pretty easy, especially if you’re from the south. The bus terminal in Alabang has buses which go to Lipa/Batangas City/Pier. I believe they operate 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about hitching a ride during the wee hours of the day. You then have to get off the diversion road (the bus conductor would know this) and ride a jeep to Gasang.

View from the Gasang, the drop off-point before going to Barangay Malimatoc II

From here, you would have to wait for a jeep, tricycle, motorcycle, or any kind of transportation that would take you up to Baragay Malimatoc II. The locals say paahon, which means to go up. Yes, the barangay is situated atop a mountain, and it’s quite difficult to try and walk up on your own.

Good thing our friend has a relative who lives at the Gasang. We were able to use their cottage near the beach to put down our things while waiting for transportation.

While waiting, we of course, took pictures!

Me contemplating on the complexities of life...nah. Just posing for the camera 😉

My lovely friends. I will call this the 'tourist' pose.

Trying to be all dramatic and emo...for the camera.

Finally, after about four hours of waiting, a jeepney that would take us to the barangay arrived. I remembered it was cramped and all sorts of things can be seen inside. There were passengers, young and old, as well as animals of all kinds. I remembered sitting next to an old lady with a goat.

Since there wasn’t enough space, the boys rode on top of the jeep. To say that they had fun was an understatement. I could hear their screams and laughter from inside. They even recorded a video, but I deleted it as it took up so much space on my phone (we used my phone’s camera for the photos, hence the poor quality).

Bahay ni Kuya aka Jhoann's grandmother's house. That time was the height of the Pinoy Big Brother show's popularity, hence the name. We stayed at the orange/peach-colored one.

This is where we stayed again the next year, when the original travelers plus four more joined the group. We again timed our visit during the town fiesta.

A semi-complete photo of the group. Erick, Jhoann's brother was taking the shot. The five boys are actually in a band, which I featured in a post on my personal blog.

Same mode of transportation, and we actually got to the diversion road real early. The photo above was taken at that place around 6am.

Since we got there so early, we managed to get a jeepney to Gasang quick. We got to Gasang before 9am, so the waiting took so much longer.

Hence, more pictures! Plus, we had three digital cameras to use! 🙂

AJ, Alex, Me and Jhoann inside the jeep to Gasang

View from the same bahay kubo

Jampax Estupado, their band's name

With one of my best friends, Jhoann

The boys skipping rocks on the water (well, trying to, at least ;))

Another group photo

Thank you, self-timer.

It seems as though the average wait time at the Gasang was four hours, as we waited the same time as last year. The jeep arrived and again, the boys rode on top.

Scared? 🙂

We weren’t able to visit two years after, in 2009 and 2010. I guess it was because schedules clashed, everyone started working (most of us graduated in 2009) and other reasons I’m not quite sure of. Plus, one of the original travelers, was in Qatar working.

In 2011 however, plans of going back to the province were beginning to brew. I’m not quite sure if we will be travelling this December in time for the fiesta though.

Thankfully, a long weekend was slated for the last week of August. We blocked off our schedules, saved enough money for the trip and started packing our bags! (Confession: I packed the night before we left Manila. Good thing I didn’t forget anything!)

It was rainy when we left Manila and we were praying that it would stop by the time we got to Mabini. Thankfully, our prayers were heard (to the point that we actually complained of the unbearable heat).

Sadly, it was high tide at the Gasang, so we weren’t able to take pictures on the shore, unlike the previous years. We contented ourselves with photos inside the same bahay kubo though, while waiting for our ride.

The new group! (L-R) Thea, Louie, Me, Joseph, Jhenn and Jhoann

At the Gasang. We had to walk all the way to the end for the bahay kubo and jeepney stop.

Could you imagine that the water was covering the very same place where we took a lot of photos three/four years ago?

The same house 🙂

I’ve been to the barangay for three years already and the adventures I had were different each time. It’s amazing how much different things you can discover in the place with each revisit.

I know I fell in love with the quaint barangay the first time I went there. And I’m pretty sure I’ll keep falling in love with every visit.


Some photos taken by me and Jhoann. The last two were taken with Lulu, my Nikon D5000 (who deserves a separate post in this blog :D). The many activities we did in Bgy. Malimatoc II will be documented in separate posts, as one whole entry on the place is simply not enough. 🙂


2 Responses to “Escapades to Mabini, Batangas – An Introduction”

  1. aylablahs November 9, 2011 at 7:28 am #

    Looks like you had an awesome time there with your friends, just wished that the photos were a bit bigger. Hahaha. I can’t see all of yer small faces!

    • ramblinglittlegirl November 9, 2011 at 8:08 am #

      Hi Ayla! Yeah, we did. The place reminds me so much of my hometowns. 🙂

      And yeah haha. The first time we went there, we only had a 3-megapixel phone camera with a busted memory card to use. So you could imagine how hard it was to not take too much photos. 🙂

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